2D Animation

We create fantastic 2D animation out of thin air, bringing your ideas to life

2D Animation is the process of making objects move in a two dimensional space. You’ve probably seen lot’s of 2D animation in TV adverts.

Animation is a great way to get across information in a easily understandable way. Many businesses struggle to maintain a users attention for more than 5 seconds. With animation, a user can sit back and relax as the information is laid out in front of them making it much faster for a potential customer to understand your message, product or service.


Why you should use it

Many businesses are now opting for 2D animation instead of professional video on their websites. This is mainly because of the time and affordability of 2D animation. You don’t need actors, lighting, camera equipment or even a location. All of the content in the animation is created digitally, saving a lot of expense. Of course you can mix video and animation if you want. Creating the animation can also be much faster than shooting and editing a video.

Animations can be funny, educational, informative or persuasive all at the same time. These benefits allow consumers the opportunity to connect with your services and products faster and with greater loyalty.

Our experienced motion graphic’s team can produce 2D animations based on your requirements that can be used on your website, TV adverts or a range of other devices.

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