3D Models

3D Models are an exciting opportunity for you to provide your customers with an experience they will remember

A digital environment with three dimensions to show 3D models, be it animated or used to show still images in different settings.

Using 3D models instead of traditional photography is now very common and the quality of the 3D graphics over the years has improved so much that many people can’t tell the difference between a real image and an artificial one.

The Swedish furniture giant, Ikea, now use 3D models to showcase their product range in an effort to boost productivity and reduce costs. Their 3D models are extremely high quality. They also have complete control over the textures, colours, lighting and angles of the images produced.


How we create a 3D model

We can create any type of 3D model. The trick is making it interesting and engaging for your customers. We use a number of methods to make sure our models are highly accurate, realistic and above all cost effective for our clients. 3D models can be used where photography is unsuitable, impossible or not cost effective.

We can provide finished models in a variety of formats, from photo realistic renders to cartoon style images, black and white line diagrams to vector based illustrations. These can then be used on websites, TV & cinema adverts and even digital billboards. Post production techniques can also include audio and special effects to enhance the delivery of your message.


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