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About Us

We're a bunch of foosball loving geeks who create cool stuff for our clients

Laser Red have been creating affordable professional websites for clients since 1995.

Although we have made many changes to the business and the skills we provide our continued quality of work and customer service has enabled us to provide continued web based solutions to many happy customers for over 19 years.

The business was founded in the mid 90’s by our MD, Peter O’Leary. Starting as a very small part time position as a web master the business soon grew a couple years later when the demand for professional websites took off. The company is now run by the son of the MD, Liam O’Leary, and since 2007 the business has steadily increased its client portfolio, turnover and size.

We now have a full time team of 5 in house web designers and developers with another 5 part time staff that cover 3D design, motion graphics and admin. We’re all based from our cool studio office in Grimsby.

Award Winning Work

Our work has been recognised in the national web sector and featured in global magazines such as the web industry .Net Magazine (issues February 2012 & November 2012). We’ve actually been featured twice in the mag for our work on two client websites because of the high level of our development using HTML5, the latest version of HTML.

Our design work has also been featured by a number of high profile websites devoted to showcasing the best website designs from around the world. This recognition by our peers is something we’re very proud of!

Lincolnshire Digital Awards winners 2016

Customer Service

We look after more than 450 clients from around the world, but the majority are SME businesses based locally to the Lincolnshire area. We continually strive to provide the best customer service we can and we regularly ask our customers to give us their feedback on our service. The results of this feedback to date are:

Q. How did you find working with us?
A. Fantastic 62.5%
A. Good 37.5%
A. Okay 0%
A. Poor 0%
A. Terrible 0%

93.3% of customers thought that their website was good value for money and 100% of our customers surveyed said they would recommend us to another customer.