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Email Marketing

Our email marketing system allows businesses to collect their customers' information and then send them important news, information or promotions via email

We design beautiful email templates from scratch, which reflect your business or specific marketing campaign, in order to achieve high click through rates. Our system also offers a wide range of additional features to help improve results, like AB split testing, social sharing and auto-responders. We can even integrate the email campaign system with your website.

Email Campaign Management

Managing your email campaigns couldn’t be easier with our powerful email templates. You can create new email campaigns in pre-designed templates, allowing you to edit certain text and images while keeping the overall layout and design of the email un-touched.

Not only can you create email newsletters or promotions from pre-built templates but you can preview, test and update them before you hit send; making sure they’re exactly how you want them to look before you send to your subscribers.

As well as allowing clients to manage their own email campaigns we also offer a full email campaign management service to look after the setup, scheduling, creation and reporting of email.

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Tracking Email Campaign Results

Obviously you want to know who opened your email, right? Well you can with our system! You can even see who opened your email campaign, how many times, what links they clicked, who shared it via Twitter and even who unsubscribed. We can also setup Google Analytics integration, allowing you to monitor your website activity, sales, conversions and the return on investment (ROI) that your campaign generated.

The level of reporting available allows anyone to easily understand how successful their email campaign has been, and make informed choices for the next one. With other reporting tools you can even track subscribers from opening the email to completing a purchase on your website.

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