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Web Applications

Web applications are an effective tool that helps to streamline your business

Our team are extremely experienced in creating custom, browser based web applications to meet any requirements. We can even make them work on a tablet or smartphone.

Unlike traditional desktop applications that could only be used at the computer they were installed on, web based applications mean you can access your app from any device, anywhere in the world, (as long as there’s an internet connection of course!) This not only means it’s more accessible but much more scaleable as you don’t need to buy new computers to run the latest software, or, have all your staff in the same office because that’s where your database is stored. Using bespoke web application development means you can achieve pretty much anything.

Before we start any web application we first try to understand why the client wants a web app. Is it to manage their systems better? Track their customers? Or, are they trying to re-create an offline system? If the end result will help improve our customers business, then we jump into research mode to figure out how we can make their ideas a reality.

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Web Application Design

Once we know what it is they’re trying to achieve and who will be using the web app we start on the web application design, which, by the way, is extremely important. It’s not going to be a success if it’s difficult to use. The user interface (UI) of the web app is something that needs to be intuitive and appealing. We achieve this by optimizing our designs using a number of different user feedback tools.

Rest assured, our team of web applications designers make sure that no pixel is left unturned in the pursuit of the best user interface design for your web app.

Web Application Development

The technology used in web application development is another important factor. Using the wrong tool for the job will never create the best product for our clients.

When we develop any web app, we build for the future. We identify areas of a clients brief that may change during the projects life span. This could make all the difference to the success or failure of the app. With this in mind, we build web applications that we ensure will keep unnecessary costs down and clients happy.


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