Website Evaluation, SEO Audits and Security Testing
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Website Audits

We provide informative, analytical and easy to understand audit reports on websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and online security.

Whether your website has been un-touched for 10 years or has only been launched 6 months ago it’s always good to get a second opinion from an expert. We have a great team of experienced designers, developers, marketers and copywriters that can give valuable feedback on your website. Using an assortment of different skills, we can pick apart your website or online marketing to show you exactly what’s working and what isn’t. We like to know you understand what we’re talking about, so we always try to cut the jargon out.

We can even provide clear action points so you or your web department can take the steps needed to ensure your website is a success. If you don’t have a web team already then we can implement the actions for you and even monitor the results to check it’s all going smoothly.

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Website Evaluation

A website evaluation is a bit like a car service; only much more detailed. We look at everything and we really mean everything! We’ll check out your overall design, brand message, tone, content strategy, user interaction, conversion figures, goal paths, heck we’ll even dig into your Google Analytics data (if you have it installed) and find out who’s been looking at your website and what they’ve been doing. (We like to be thorough…)

Once we’ve finished all our research we’ll put it together in a pretty document detailing our evaluation findings, suggestions and the steps to put things right. Sometimes we’ll even throw in a free hug if there’s any bad news (or high-five if it’s good!)

Website Security Testing

Let’s face it, website security is a massive pain in the proverbial backside. It can cost companies millions if their data is stolen because it was not protected correctly.

Every website should be secure, if it’s not then there are plenty of hackers who will happily infiltrate your website and sell on any valuable information.

Our website security testing will check your website for security issues in many different ways, some more advanced than others. Depending on the type of website you have we’ll perform simulated attacks just like a hacker (only without the destruction.) We’ll make sure that no back doors or security loop holes let in people who shouldn’t be there.

If we find any security problems with your website then we’ll put together a report detailing the nessasry steps to fix the issues, or we can even provide the fixes ourselves, and of course we re-check all over again to make sure they worked.


SEO Audits

We can find out if your SEO isn’t bringing in the wins it should. Our SEO audit will give you all the information you need to see whether your SEO is working and what needs to happen to put things back on track.

With the many changes Google makes to it’s search algorithm every year, many websites start to go south in the rankings; even if they’ve been optimized already. We look at your online marketing with fresh eyes and can spot possible road-blocks in your SEO.

We combine data from Google and your website analytics to show you what SEO keywords are performing and which aren’t. We can make changes to your SEO and optimize your website further, making sure you’re investing in the best online marketing for a better return.

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